I am a whistleblower. Legal guardianship corruption nationwide is so massive, it is at epidemic levels. I started my massive news website about guardianship corruption in 2021 because of a very, very close and very, much loved Person became a victim of it.  My website is

                    The following narrative describes how my very, very, much loved and extremely close, 97 year old Person to me, became another victim of the decades old legal guardianship corruption scam in the Montgomery County Orphans Court. The corruption involves a group of people working together to commit a crime. They are called a racket, their ongoing crime is called racketeering and is prosecuted under RICO. The racket involves corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt guardians and corrupt psychologists. It starts with a made up “evaluation” by a corrupt psychologist, that has NO independent proven accuracy. Pennsylvania has NO standards or requirements for what an accurate “evaluation” must be. NONE! Basically, a psychologist will use his title of “PhD”, claim he has experience working with people with memory problems and makes up his own “evaluation”. The court simply accepts whatever he says about the person as being 100% proof of incapacitation. Now, the stealing begins.

           The corrupt psychologist will claim the victim “flunked” the “evaluation”. The corrupt judge claims the victim is now “100 % incapacitated” and then assigns various corrupt lawyers and corrupt guardians to the victim who then hire other people (lawyers, care managers, etc) all charging the victim with made up billing hours. The corrupt judge simply allows all of those people to be hired and charging huge rates for doing nothing. Those hired people “kick back” some money to the people who hired them. The victim’s house is sold to a friend of the guardian at a very low price, then resold at the retail price. All of the loved possessions in the house and cars of the victim are kept by friends of the guardians or trashed.  The victim never sees the profit. The victim is dumped into a low rated nursing home until they die, usually drugged and broke. The family never sees any of the money as an inheritance.

             In the case of my very, very much loved Person, a very, very close Relative to Person filed the petition to start the guardianship scam just to get Person’s money. Person was falsely accused of being “incapacitated” by a court appointed psychologist, ledakis, using his made up “evaluation”. The one thing all victims have in common is they have a house and a lot of money. Ledakis admitted in court, under my questioning, his made up “evaluation” had no independent proof of accuracy. Judge weilheimer, court assigned lawyer to Person jaskowiak and lawyer for Relative, camp, all heard ledakis admitting that fact, but pretended they never heard it. Why were they not surprised at such an admission? But, weilheimer used ledakis’s made up “evaluation” anyway to claim Person was 100% incapacitated. BUT, the ledakis report #1 said Person had NO problems with daily activities and because I had been living with Person for more than a year, everything was fine. So WHY was Person dragged away, by force, against Person’s will for monetary benefit (kidnapped) on August 25 2021 by Relative, forced to stay at Relative’s house under severe physical and psychological torture for almost 2 weeks, then had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because Person had passed out at Relative’s home, had to spend 6 weeks in hospital for malnutrician because of not being fed at Relative’s home, Person had to get daily blood tests (42 times) and daily needles in the stomach (42 times) to prevent blood clots, had covid for 2 weeks, then guardian of person and estate, dwayne logie (picked by jaskowiak) dumped Person into a low rated nursing home at $90,000 a year? Ledakis said in his report #1 Person could stay at home and would be fine. So why did logie dump Person into a low rated nursing home, in a locked down mental section? Since October 18 2021, Person has been forced to be with people who have mental, medical and behavior issues. Person has been forced to live in basic silence, no phone allowed in room, in a sensory deprived environment. Person does NOT need or get any special services, such as dressing, undressing, feeding, walking, bathroom, etc. Person was NEVER accused of having any mental problems, so why was Person dumped into a locked down mental ward until Person dies?

           I cannot use the Person’s name because it has been claimed by certain judges and lawyers in orphan’s court those victims have some type of special “privacy” protection of its cases, even when it includes exposing the corruption by those lawyers, guardians and judges. I  use the name Person, instead of their real name. “Relative” is the person who filed the petition on Person for guardianship on May 18 2021, two days after Person’s 96th birthday and is very closely related to Person and myself. Relative originally wanted to be guardian of Person and Person’s estate, but dropped out because I revealed information that would have proven Relative has been stealing money from Person for years and not paying back a major loan.

              In December 2021, judge weilheimer (orphans court) put me into prison for a week because I exposed the scam of guardianships in her court involving her, various lawyers, guardians and psychologists. I talked about Person, using Person’s real name, in my news website Weilheimer released me only after I deleted the information, 2 radio shows I was on talking about the scam on Person, pictures, 29 pages of what happened called My Story and petition trial transcript from my website. Jaskowiak, Person’s court appointed lawyer, never asked Person if Person wanted such a serious charge filed against me where conviction would put me in prison where I could be murdered. Weilheimer and jaskowiak clearly violated my Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Because it is a news website, Google archived the original website and all of its original content. To see all of the original content, type in “Wayback Machine”. After going there type in and you can see all of the same contents. The transcript will prove that ledakis (psychologist) admitted his “evaluation” of Person had no independently proven accuracy or credibility as exposed by my questioning of him in court. But, weilheimer, jaskowiak and camp (lawyer for Relative) did not say anything about the evaluation being proven as a fraud by me during the petition hearing. Why? Because all they cared about was that ledakis said Person was “100% “incapacitated” and then weilheimer could start the stealing on Person’s bank account and assets.

              Pennsylvania has NO standards or requirements as to what a correct and accurate “evaluation” is to determine “incapacitation” of anyone. Those “evaluations” are called “IME”: Independent Medical Evaluations. The corruption starts here because the IME is NOT independent. The corrupt judge picks the corrupt psychologist to give the IME knowing that the corrupt psychologist will always say the victim is “100% incapacitated”. In court, I got ledakis to admit there are no medical tests in a IME. So, how can it be a IME? But, once the victim “fails” the “evaluation”, the victim will be forever in the hands of corrupt judges, corrupt guardians and corrupt lawyers who will steal the victims home and money. The victims usually will be forced to live in low rated nursing homes until they die: drugged and broke. The victims will basically have no more rights over their lives. Their spouses and loved ones will also be at the hands of those sadistic vultures and corrupt judges. Modern day slavery is alive.

              Person has been abused and/or neglected financially, physically, emotionally and psychologically by  Relative, Person’s court assigned lawyer jaskowiak, quack psychologist ledakis, “case manager” deb klock and various guardians logie and blumer since May 18 2021. Instead of Person living in Person’s large, beautiful, 3 bedroom, 3 bath house of 21 years, weilheimer, Relative, guardians and jaskowiak have forced Person to live in a tiny, one room pig pen at Manatawny Manor in Pottstown, PA, no phone in Person’s room, no doctor’s appointments for over a year and has not been allowed outside, for any reason, for over a year. Person is being kept in a locked down section of a very low rated nursing home, with people who have mental and behavior problems. Person is forced to eat meals with those people, some of them are in extremely poor medical condition on gurneys and some are just like zombies. Person has been kept prisoner in a sensory deprived and solitary confined area until Person dies. Person is charged $90,000 a year at Manatawny Manor. The room has old and broken furniture. Person’s only crime: person has a small issue with instant recall and memory. Person still gets no special services to eat, dress, hygiene and still has common sense and knows right from wrong. Those vultures have only allowed me to see Person 1 hour, 3x a week since August 2021. Since July 2022, Person’s newest “slave owners”, blumers, have denied me all phone calls to Person. Person and I have always had a extremely close and loving relationship. Unless I can get Person back home, Person will be there until Person dies.

             In every state, there is a court that deals with guardianships of people who have  memory or severe physical problems, usually the elderly, who are no longer able to take care of themselves and their finances. In some cases, the family handles those matters out of love. Sadly, some of the other times a family member seeks guardianship only to steal the person’s assets. What is worse is how easy anyone can become a guardian over a total stranger just to steal the money and house of a person.   After a legal process determines the person needs a guardian, the guardian basically owns the person, body and soul. They own their victims for the rest of their life. They do not care about the person’s welfare and happiness. Nationwide, laws pertaining to guardianships are extremely broad and once guardianship is assigned, those guardians have extreme powers that allow them to abuse the victim in many ways. After being guardianized, the victims no longer have most of their rights. The victim’s families will spend all of their money to free them from the guardianship hell, but will always fail. The families will be denied the inheritance that their loved ones wanted them to have.

            This is an example of one of those extremely sad cases where Person became guardianized by the selfish and greedy actions of Person’s very close Relative just so Relative could get Person’s house, possessions and money. So far, I have delayed that from happening and being evicted from Person’s house by the corrupt lawyer, jaskowiak, and Person’s newest court appointed “slave masters”: pam blumer and her husband/lawyer bill blumer, both close friends of jaskowiak.

          Is this how a 97 year old Person should be forced to live and die who has a $400,000 house and almost $2 million in the bank: in basic isolation and away from Arthur, a person very much loved by Person and who very much loves Person all of his life? How is Person better off today under Orphans Court, the corrupt judge, corrupt lawyers and corrupt guardians compared to how Person was living and enjoying life personally and financially BEFORE May 18 2021? 

         The following is a narrative of what has happened to Person and myself because of Relative’s greedy actions and by corrupt judge weilheimer, corrupt lawyers, corrupt guardians and quack psychologists (using their made up “evaluations) only to get Person’s assets.

  1. May 18 2021, Relative served petition to be a guardian of Person two days after Person’s 96th birthday. Relative wanted to be both guardian of person and guardian of estate. Relative claimed in court Relative never discussed such a drastic legal move with Person because Relative did not think it was that important.
  • Shortly after that, weilheimer assigned jaskowiak as Person’s lawyer. Jaskowiak never told us we could hire our own lawyer. He never allowed me to sit with Person and him when he spoke with her so I could learn what was going on. He never made any notes so person and I could review them later, even though the accusation was person only had a small memory issue.
  • Carroll, a psychologist, was hired privately by Person and Arthur on May 24 2021 to do a “evaluation” on person’s memory ability because a lawyer requested it before changes to Person’s Will were made. Carroll’s “evaluation” was proven by Arthur to be a total fraud. Carroll charged $1,000 for only 1 hour. Carroll never allowed Arthur to sit in on the “evaluation” and never recorded the “evaluation” to prove what and how Person answered the questions. He claimed Person was 100% incapacitated and claimed he could go back 6 months in time and said Person probably did not know what Person was doing when Person signed a slightly revised Will in December 2020. Carroll never proved he could travel back in time to make such a conclusion.
  • About June 15 2021, weilheimer (Orphans Court) assigned psychologist, George Ledakis, to do a “evaluation” on Person for memory ability. That “evaluation” was also proven to be a fraud by Arthur in court. Ledakis charged $4,000 for only a 2 hour “evaluation”. Ledakis never allowed Arthur to sit in on his “evaluation” He never recorded the “evaluation” to prove what and how person answered the questions.

5.    Both “evaluations” by ledakis and Carrol were total frauds. There are NO standards in Pennsylvania as to what is a accurate “evaluation” to determine incapacitation. Arthur proved that in the court trial. Weilheimer totally ignored that proof and accepted ledakis’s fake report that Person was 100% incapacitated even though ledakis’s own numbers did not add up to 100% or close to it. Ledakis said in his “evaluation” Person had no problems living at home and with Arthur living there for over a year, everything was fine for Person.

6. Petition trial was on July 29 and August 6 2021. On August 6, weilheimer claimed Person was 100% incapacitated. She completely ignored my proof ledakis “evaluation” was worthless.

7. Weilheimer has always refused to allow Person into court to meet person and see for herself Person’s condition four times.

8. Jaskowiak, Person’s lawyer assigned to person by the court, never brought any witnesses to court to prove Person had never done anything to indicate Person was not able to make correct and logical decisions, especially handling Person’s finances. Jaskowiak and weilheimer refused to bring Person into court. No reason given by either of them.

  • On August 6 2021, Day 2 of the trial, weilheimer found Person 100% incapacitated. jaskowiak hired dwayne logie as guardian of person and estate for Person. Documents prove jaskowiak had hired logie many times. Logie has been proven corrupt and grossly incompetent to the point of them being criminal.

10. After Arthur exposed the ledakis evaluation as a total fraud during the petition hearing,  jaskowiak, camp (Relative’s attorney) and weilheimer never cared that the evaluation on Person was a total fraud and a waste of Person’s $4,000.

11. When Arthur told weilheimer on Day 2 of petition hearing that Relative had commited perjury at least 4 times on Day 1 of the petition hearing, weilheimer refused to listen to the proof.

12. During petition hearing, when Arthur was Pro Se, weilheimer, camp and jaskowiak constantly denied Arthur the right to ask many questions without them explaining why.

13. On August 25, 2021, Person was taken away, by force, against Person’s will, for monetary gain (kidnapped) by Relative and logie. Person was kidnapped from Person’s huge 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house where Person has lived for 21 years. This was done as part of the plan by Relative and logie to evict Arthur (who had lived there for 1.5 years at that time), put Person into a nursing home, deprive Person of Person’s much loved and valuable contents forever and junk the contents. Corrupt guardians first sell the house extremely cheap to a friend who would later resell the house at the retail value only so a lot of money can be made for themselves and denied to the victim and their family.

14. Logie deliberately ignored the ledakis report that said Person could live at home, with Arthur there, only so he could make a tremendous amount of money for himself. As Person’s guardian of person and estate, logie was obligated to know what the court’s “expert” said was best for Person. On August 25 2021 logie had lied to both Person and Arthur about why logie’s “care manager” deb klock (who has a well known reputation as being grossly incompetent and dangerous) wanted to meet Person that day at Person’s house. Logie had arrived with 2 local cops who kept Arthur outside while Relative packed a bag for Person and then left through the garage.

15. Logie also towed Person’s valuable car away the same time for his own financial gain, without asking Person what Person wanted, which was to have Arthur get the car for his use. Logie later claimed on his inventory Person’s car was only worth about $1,500, far less than its real value.

16.  On August 25 2021, after Person was kidnapped and taken by Relative, logie sent a email to Arthur telling him he had 30 days to move out of Person’s house.

17. Logie/Relative refused to allow Person and Arthur to see or talk to each other for the 12 days Person was forced to stay at relative’s house in a tiny bedroom. Relative has always hated Person and Arthur. That night, Relative sent a threatening email to Arthur that if he came to see Person, relative would call the police and have Arthur arrested.

18.  In ledakis’s first “evaluation”, he said Person could live at home and since Arthur had been living there for over a year, everything was going fine. So why did camp, jaskowiak and weilheimer let Person be kidnapped by logie and Relative on August 25 2021 as part of their plan to sell Person’s house, put Person into a nursing home, trash Person’s loved possessions and evict Arthur? Since then, that is exactly what logie, jaskowiak, camp/relative, fenstermacher (Person’s trust lawyer for 21 years and new guardian of Person’s estate since May 16 2022) and Person’s newest guardian of Person, pam and bill blumer, are trying to do against Person’s house, Person’s possessions and to evict Arthur, which is NOT what Person wants and has said so on video. None of those people ever asked Person what Person wants. Why?

19. Arthur found a witness, Person’s hairdresser, who has seen Person weekly for 16 years and saw Person 2 days after Person was kidnapped from Person’s house and forced to live with Relative. The witness saw Person shaking and crying and saying repeatedly “I want to go home, I want to go home”.

20. That night of August 25 2021, Arthur called the state police in that area to do a wellness check on Person out of grave concern for Person. The next morning the state trooper told Arthur that he had seen Person at the window, Person waved at him and he felt person was fine.  He never talked to Person in person. Why?

21. On August 26 2021 , Arthur called the state police a second time for a wellness check on Person, but was told by a female dispatcher Person was fine and not to call them again.

22. On August 27 2021, a conference call was with weilheimer, camp, logie and jaskowiak. Weilheimer informed Arthur that he will NEVER have any more wellness checks on Person. Weilheimer threatened Arthur if he did so, she would charge him with contempt of court. Why?

23. On August 28 2021, Arthur discovered Person was put on anti-depressants because Person was so upset at being forced to stay at Relative and was not allowed to see or talk to Arthur. About a week later, Arthur found out Person was put on another type of unknown pill. Both logie, jaskowiak and now blumers have refused to tell Arthur and his lawyers about those pills and to see Person’s medical records from the hospital and from Person’s nursing home, Manatawny Manor, by November 1 2022. No reason given. Why?

24. Person’s bedroom at Relative’s house was about the size of the mattress and had no TV or bathroom. Person was not allowed to watch TV programs at Relatives house. Person was not allowed to use the phone to call Arthur. Person was forced to eat only vegetables and not allowed to drink the special milk Person only could drink.

25. About September 13 2021, logie emailed Arthur and told him Person was taken to the hospital by ambulance the day before because of dehydration because it was a hot day. But, a doctor told Arthur Person was in the hospital for malnutrician because Relative was not feeding Person. But, ledakis said in his report #2 from July 2022, Person was taken to Relative’s house as a “trial” to see how Person liked living at Relative’s, but the “trial” did not go well. No explanation of what ledakis meant by his statement. Since Person had a huge, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in a gated community, why would Person want to live in Relative’s very tiny house? Treatment for dehydration is only about 1 day. So why did Person have to stay in the hospital for a total of 6 weeks, including the last 2 weeks with covid? While at the hospital, Person had to get daily blood tests (42 times) and a daily needle in the stomach to prevent blood clots (42 times).

26. Logie canceled Person’s medical alert necklace that Person had for 9 years after Person was kidnapped house on August 25 2021. Why? Person still does not have a medical alert necklace to wear. Why?

27. Logie canceled Person’s newspaper that Person read for 70 years after Person was kidnapped on  August 25 2021. WHY?

28. Logie/zabowski (logie’s lawyer) have refused to give medical records or the names of the pills Person was on to Arthur or to his lawyers for unknown reasons denying Arthur the right to know anything about the health of Person.

29. Logie refused to disclose to Arthur who his insurance company was for his business as a guardian, left off a large amount of Person assets and did not list Arthur on the inventory sheet as is required by law.

30. Why did logie send me a eviction email that night Person was kidnapped if not to put Person into a nursing home, evict Arthur then sell the house to a “friend” at a very low price then that “friend” resell the house at market price to make a huge profit, thus denying Person the true profit?

31. Logie, weilheimer and jaskowiak refused to allow Arthur to see or talk to Person in the hospital for about the first 2 weeks. About that time, weilheimer issued a order that said visits to Person would be only 1 hour 3x a week for each child. No reason was given for such extremely restricted visits that are still in effect by November 1 2022. What crime was committed by Arthur for such a cruel punishment on Arthur and Person?

32. Person suffered tremendously physically and psychologically while in the hospital under care of jaskowiak, logie and klock. Person was confined to bed, for no reason, for 6 weeks and no exercise was allowed. Why?

33. Arthur discovered Person was not eating hospital food because it was always cold and the food tasted awful. None of the staff knew that. Arthur was bringing in food, newspapers, magazines, other needed articles and roses to help Person survive, help Person relax in the hospital and to be happy..

34.  Person was in the hospital for 6 weeks. At week 4, Person got covid. Even after Person got covid, Arthur would leave those items at the security desk to be given to Person.

35. Person was kept in a private room in the hospital, nobody took Person for any walks or go outside for fresh air and nobody helped Person learn how to use the TV because TV was a computer system.

36.  Arthur was not allowed, because of only 1 hour visits, to take Person outside for fresh air and exercise at the hospital. Person was confined to bed for the 6 weeks for no reason.

37. Person’s arms were black and blue from all of the blood tests while in the hospital.

38. Logie always kept Arthur in the dark on Person’s medical situations because Arthur was told he could not ask the doctors or nurses any questions by logie. Logie always refused to answer Arthur’s questions about Person’s medical situations, including the pills Person was taking. Why?

39. Logie did not bother trying to find out who Person’s doctors were in case they were needed. Logie never took Person to any of Person’s doctor’s appointments while logie was Person guardian for about 8 months. 

40. When Arthur was finally allowed to see Person at the hospital after Person had been there for 2 weeks, Arthur saw Person did not have glasses that are used for reading and seeing. Arthur got reading and distance glasses from the store for Person to use while Arthur went to Person’s eye doctor, got the prescription, made several trips to get the glasses made, paid for them and then took them to Person. Jaskowiak, logie and Relative never noticed Person did not have glasses while Person was in the hospital. Relative never noticed Person did not have glasses while being held hostage at Relative’s home for almost 3 weeks.

41. Just after Person got over covid at the hospital, on October 18 2021, logie dumped Person at a very low rated nursing home called Manatawny Manor (MM) in Pottstown, PA, that had just opened up after being totally closed for many months because of a major covid shutdown. There are large tubes coming from various rooms connected to air pumps to suck out the bad covid air in the rooms from the people who have covid.

42. Person has been forced to live in a small room, in a locked down section in a mental ward, with people who have mental and behavior problems, with no locks on the doors and there are men in the section. There are no video cameras for the staff to see if people (especially men) go into people’s rooms during the day or night.

43.  Person is forced to eat meals with those people with the mental and behavior problems and with people with medical equipment attached to them and on gurneys. Usually, Person takes meals back to Person’s room because Person does not want to eat around those people. Blumer’s have refused to allow Person to have food in the room. Why?

44. As of October 2022, Person still does not have any phone in the room. How can Person call to talk to guardians (blumer, fenstermacher) and Person’s lawyer (jaskowiak) or has an emergency without a phone or a medical alert necklace that logie had discontinued when Person was kidnapped on August 25 2021?

43. On November 16 2021, Person’s legs were very swollen. Arthur called and told director joe torillo. On November 17 Person’s legs were still bad and no one had seen them. November

      20 (Saturday) Arthur called MM and they said no director was on duty. Arthur called police, they called EMS and they checked on Person. EMS wrapped legs in gauze. They did not take Person for a ultra sound.

44 Talked to Torillo November 22 2021 and he said a doctor saw Person’s legs, put a crème on them and said they were alright. November 26 2021, no changes to legs or ultra sound. Week or so later TED socks were put on Person’s legs for being swollen. Logie sent me a email saying I was the problem because I was feeding Person junk food for our 3 lunches a week since Person went to MM on October 18 2021. The fact is Person was never on any special diet and it was MM feeding Person 21 of their meals a week.

       Logie/zabowski/doctor told me Person should keep legs elevated and wear the TED socks. Since then the staff rarely put the socks on. From October 18 2021 to October 1 2022, Person has not been allowed outside and to ANY regular      doctor’s appointments for over a year by logie/zabowski, jaskowiak, blumers. No reason given by any of Person “handlers”. About late November 2021, I called the police to demand Person get hospital care for her swollen legs and also because a dead mouse I found under Person’s bed was still there. The police came, talked to me and then had a private talk with torillo and logie on phone. Torillo claimed I yell at his staff and logie claimed I threatened him with a gun. Neither gave any details about their claims. It was claimed by logie months later Relative had taken Person to a vein specialist, but no proof was ever given by anyone.

45. Because of this scam, I put up a massive website about legal guardianship corruption about October 2021. I included a narrative of the scam on Person, including pictures. About late November 2021, jaskowiak, filed a contempt charge against me for violating Person’s privacy. But, jaskowiak never asked Person if Person cared if I did and never brought Person to contempt trial. From August 25 2021 to now October 1 2022, jaskowiak has only seen and talked to Person once. Jaskowiak and logie never saw Person in the hospital or sent her any flowers.

46. In November 2021, I gave Person a 40 question video test about knowing right from wrong and common sense. Person held the day’s newspaper to prove the date. Person got all 40 questions right proving Person was still able to live at home on their own.

47. Early December 2021, a trial was held on the contempt charge. Jaskowiak, logie and zabowski were there. I was pro se. Weilheimer found me guilty and sent me to prison for 6 months because of my website. She said I would stay there until I deleted Person’s section on my website and 2 radio spots I was on that were posted on another website where I talked about the scam on Person. Weilheimer NEVER gave me any time to get her demands met. A person got those demands done and I was released from prison on December 20 2021. Weilheimer ordered me never to tell Person she sent me to prison. Why?

48. In February 2022 Person’s watch stopped and Arthur bought a new one. No one else knew the watch had broke.

49. No matter what holidays or personal special days, weilheimer, jaskowiak, logie and blumer never gave Arthur more than 1 hour visit, 3 days a week with Person. No reason of any intelligence was given by any of them, including why no phone was ever put in Person’s room for private use or in case of emergency. Why?.

50. On May 16 2022 I was finally able to get logie and zabowski fired. My lawyer and I decided to hire pam blumer, who was recommended by jaskowiak, to be guardian of person for Person. Meitner (Arthur’s lawyer), camp and myself decided to have fenstermacher (parents trust lawyer of 21 years) as guardian of estate. After being hired, pam hired her lawyer/husband, bill, as her lawyer for no reason except to increase their income.  For some unknown reason, pam kept Deb klock, as a “care manager” on pam’s payroll at Person’s expense that logie had hired when he was first hired in August 2021. Klock has a well known history of theft and gross incompetence as a guardian on others under her care.  As of October 1 2022, klock was still on blumer’s payroll. No reason given by blumers. Arthur’s lawyer never signed any agreement that blumer could hire extra people for herself and husband.

51. On June 8 2022, Person fell in the room because of a newly waxed floor. Person hit hip, shoulder and head. The hip was x-rayed several days later, but never a head CAT scan. I bought Person special no slip socks that blumers, Relative , jaskowiak and fenstermacher never did. As November 1 2022, Person’s shoulder still hurts a lot, legs are still very swollen. No CAT scan was ever done on Person’s head. About mid August 2022, bill blumer ordered new restrictions on Person and myself. He claimed the staff told him I get Person “agitated” when I called 2x a day, as I had been since Person was put into that pig pen October 18 2021 and when I visit Person 3x a week. Blumer said no more phone calls, no more food for Person from me, I cannot be in Person’s room at all and cannot even walk down the hall when I arrive or leave with Person. It was discovered by me that logie and now blumers had told the staff at MM to spy on us, listen in on our phone calls, listen in at the door when I am there and report back to them. Now all visits with Person must be made in the TV/eating room with a staff member about 3 feet away watching and listening. Blumer told them if they see me get Person upset, they can tell me to leave and I miss the rest of my visit. 

53. On September 3 2022, while there with Person on a visit, a staff person, colinda, started to make remarks to interfere with my visit, I held up my phone and she thought I was videotaping her and she started yelling at me with Person right next to her. Colinda came over and grabbed my phone away and would not give it back. She kept saying “fuck” and she got my Person extremely upset. I finally got my phone back. For the rest of the visit, colinda and 3 other women watched us the whole time which upset Person when I left, I filed an incident report with the police.

54. Ledakis’s report #1 said Person could live at home. So why did logie and Relative kidnap Person from the home and put Person to die in a run down nursing home 40 miles away from Person’s home on October 18 2021? Person has not been allowed to leave the nursing home (MM) to see the house and Person’s loved possessions that Person has had all of Person’s life as of October 1 2022. No reason given by blumers or jaskowiak. Why?

55. About 39% of the people that die from covid are in nursing homes. The staff at MM do not wear (if they wear any) proper masks to keep people safe from covid. The janitors wear the same gloves when they empty the trash and clean the toilets from every room spreading any diseases. None of the residents wear any masks and they have extremely poor sanitation habits. There are no dispensers outside of each room for staff to sanitize their hands to prevent the spread of diseases as hospitals do.

56. About Novemebr 1, 2022, there are still many cases of covid at Manatawny Manor (MM). In October 2022, MM had to be down because of another major outbreak of covid. Patients were forced to stay in their rooms and eat their meals in them.

57. Logie, jaskowiak, blumers, Relative refused to put a phone in Person’s room for happiness and possible medical emergency. The staff on Person’s floor is hardly ever there at their staff desk to be contacted in case Person falls, stroke, etc. Jaskowiak, camp, Relative, logie, blumers do not seem to think Person should have a phone to call Arthur or Person’s friends. Logie, Relative, camp, jaskowiak, blumers do not think Person should have a medical alert necklace in case Person needs help.

58. Person was living in a large 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house for 21 years that was built new before logie and Relative put Person into that pig pen MM. Person’s room is very tiny, tiny bed, tiny bathroom, torn and tattered bedspreads, small closet, an old chair and a broken bureau. Person has to put things on the floor (in plastic bags) because there is no place to put them. Person has to put trash on the floor sometimes or in the shower sometimes because the wastebasket is      extremely small. Person has to wash underwear in the bathroom sink.

59. Person is forced to eat meals in a very loud tv room with those people who are in various stages of medical, mental and behavior problems that are extremely       upsetting to Person to the point Person usually eats 3 meals a day in Person’s room.

  Because of blumers new rules about where Person can eat, as of about August 2022,  Person is forced to eat meals with those people and not allowed to have any food in the room. Before blumers new rules, Person used to eat most meals in the room to avoid those people.

60. By about August 25 2022, Person is deliberately missing some of the meals because of not being hungry because of where and with whom Person is forced to eat because of blumers new rules. Arthur has seen Person’s appetite is not what it used to be.

61. From September 2021 to about july 2022, Arthur had been taking Person fresh food for them to eat at lunch. Arthur also buys other food for Person to eat as snacks. Arthur also buys newspapers, roses, flowers, magazines and other items for Person.

62. Zabowski (logies lawyer) and logie had refused to respond to Arthur’s emails on various matters on a regular basis and even to Arthur’s lawyers until logie/zabowski were forced to “quit” on May 15 2022.

63. Arthur was able to get logie and his lawyer zabowski fired as Person’s guardian of person and estate. Pam blumer was appointed guardian of person on May 15 2022 and then she hired her husband as her lawyer. Ronald fenstermacher was hired as Person’s guardian of estate the same day. For unknown reasons, blumer kept deb klock on as care manager.

Klock was hired by logie when he was appointed guardian to Person for unknown reasons. Klock as a known history of theft and harm to her clients as their guardian.

64. About August 2022, blumer claimed the staff said Arthur would get Person agitated when he called on the phone and had lunch with Person in Person’s room. Because of that, blumers said Arthur could not go into Person’s room or called on the phone. For their meetings, 1 Hour, 3x a week, Person and Arthur would have to meet in the TV/dining room and be watched by a staff member who would be 3 feet away from them. Blumer told the staff if Arthur was getting Person upset, they would tell him to leave until his next visit.

65. About November 2021, it was found that both logie (later blumers) had told MM staff to spy on Person and Arthur. The staff has been listening in on their phone calls, standing at Person’s door and listening in over the intercom in Person’s room while Arthur is there.

       Staff were also told to go through Person’s things when Person’s was not in the room.

66. As of November 2022, blumers have done nothing for Person to get any of Person’s year overdue doctor’s appointments, exercise outside, more and longer visits with Arthur or find Person a much nicer and cheaper place for Person so Person can be happy. Person, at 97, is being denied the right to be with Arthur. Person and Arthur have had a very long, close and loving relationship all of their lives.

 67. Person has been kept in a sensory deprived situation causing memory to probably forget normal everyday activities that Person would be doing everyday at home. Person is now basically living in isolation without being able to talk to Arthur on the phone and see Arthur as it was before blumers were hired in May 15 2022. Person basically does not talk to anyone 99.9% of the week until Arthur is with Person for lunch only 3 times a week at 1 hour per visit.

68. Logie/jaskowiak/blumer refused from November 18 2021 to about June 2022 to have Person’s very swollen legs taken to the hospital for a ultrasound to see if there is a blood clot that could cause a stroke or a infection that could cause amputation or death to Person at 97. In spring 2022, Arthur was told Relative took Person to a vein specialist.

No proof was ever given to Arthur it really happened.

69. Logie/jaskowiak/blumers have missed every one of Person’s various doctor’s    appointments putting Person’s health and life in danger from October 18 2021 to date (November 1 2022)

70. Logie claimed none of the 20 or so nursing homes in the Souderton area wanted Person. Who would refuse an almost perfectly healthy and normal Person with a worth of about $2.5 million and did not need any type of assistance during the day to function?

 71. Arthur had to buy a much bigger trash can than the one in Person’s room because Person had to put the trash on the floor often because it would not fit into the one in room. Person’s room has broken and worn out furniture and tattered/torn bed spreads.

72. Logie/jaskowiak/ weilheimer/blumer/zabowski/klock refused to obey what their hand-picked “expert” ledakis said in his report #1 in June 2021 that Person could live at home and with Arthur there, has been fine for Persons health and wellbeing. Instead, Person was put into a one room “pig pen”, in a locked down section in a mental ward, denied the large library, large recreation room and the luxury large dining room that the rest of the floor enjoy. Person has not been allowed outside for 12 months as November 1  2022 or to see me for more than 1 hour 3x a week. Arthur had been allowed to call Person twice a day since October 18, 2021, but about August 15 2022, blumers forbid Arthur to call Person, forbid Arthur to be in Person’s room and forbid Arthur from having lunch with Person. About the middle of September, blumers changed their rule so Arthur can now eat lunch with Person only in the TV room.  Since about August 15 2022, blumers have a staff person sit about 4 feet away from Person and Arthur to monitor their conversations. The staff has been told that if they see Person getting upset with   Arthur, they can tell Arthur to leave and miss the rest of his visit.

73. Based on 16 hour days, since August 25 2021 when Person was kidnapped up to October 1 2022, out of a possible 6,125 hours Person and Arthur could have been together, they have only been allowed to be together for about 145 hours by logie, blumers and weilheimer. No more than I hour on Christmas, Person’s birthday, Easter, Valentines day or any other holidays have been allowed by logie, weilheimer, blumers. Why?

 74. Because of the 2 fake and made up ledakis “evaluations” and the matter of guardianship started by Relative just to get Person’s wealth, Arthur had to lose his $25,000 house for no money for lawyer fees to try to protect Person from losing all of Person’s money to those conmen and women, spent a week in prison for exposing the scam, had to spend ten’s of thousands of dollars (ongoing) for lawyers and has been spending 7 days a week dealing with this scam since May 18 2021 when Relative filed the petition. Relative dropped out to be a guardian because Arthur had his lawyer at the time submit a 2 page discovery list to relative because Arthur had extremely reliable information that relative has been stealing money from Person for years.

75. Because of the great distance to Person’s location, it takes Arthur about 1 hour to drive there each way, costs about $100 a week for gas just for a 1 hour visit with Person. Arthur has been paying about $80 a month for daily newspapers for Person that logie had canceled about August 25 2021 when he/Relative kidnapped Person. Did logie think Person would never want to read a newspaper again?

76. The corruption in the Montgomery County orphans court has been known for decades. There has been a weekly radio show that is international for 12 years that only discusses guardianship corruption. The motto of those conmen is: isolate, medicate, steal the estate. Several others who were victimized by corrupt guardians created a Facebook page called Shenanigans in the Montgomery County Courthouse. It has been up for about 15 years and has various articles and the radio spots from the radio show.

77. Logie/jaskowiak/weilheimer/zabowski prosecuted and sent Arthur to prison (where he could have been murdered) because he documented their corruption and gross incompetence to Person, endangering Person’s health, life and happiness. They used the court as a weapon which is not allowed.

78. Jaskowiak never brought any witnesses at Person’s petition hearing in July 2021 to prove Person was not incapacitated by having done something strange or unusual, especially with finances. Person only had a short term instant recall problem. There was never any suggestion or accusation Person had any mental problems.

79. Person’ nursing home still has active covid cases. Until about April 2022, there were about 12 rooms with 12 inch metal tubes from them that pulled out the contaminated covid air from the people with covid.

80. Since Person was kidnapped from the huge home, the tiny one room pig pen is $90,000 a year. The costs for logie, jaskowiak, klock, zabowski and blumers charges have been about $100,000 so far as of October 2022.

81. How has Person benefitted from all of those people stealing Person’s money after 14 months?  How is Person better off today than Person was before the May 18 2021 petition filed by Relative only to get Person’s money and Person’s house?

 82. Because of the primitive living, unsanitary and unhealthy conditions forced upon Personby Relative, logie, jaskowiak, blumers and fenstermacher at MM, Person has been deprived of human dignity since August 25 2021.

83. Despite the extreme costs and hardships placed upon Arthur by this made up     “incapacitation” scam, Arthur has not abandoned Person, unlike Person’s Relative, logie, jaskowiak and blumers who only wanted to get control of Person’s finances for their own personal use. Arthur continues to defend and protect Person and wants to bring Person back home to live happy, healthy and free while Person still can enjoy them.

84. Jaskowiak, logie and blumers have refused more time to Person so Person can be with Arthur. Why? Relative has refused Person to have a phone in room or for more visits or visit time and refused to want logie fired for his corruption in 2021. I did get logie fired in May 2022. Blumers replaced logie

85. When Arthur would call Person twice a day to make sure his Person was fine, the staff would deliberately not pick up the phone from .5 hour to 2.5 hours. Person would get upset if Arthur told Person he would call at a certain time but did not call only because the staff refused to pick up.

86. Logie, relative and jaskowiak NEVER discussed with Person and/or Arthur where Person was to live. Why? Person’s current location is 40 miles away from the place where Person has lived for 21 years.

87. Back in December 2021, Arthur bought Person various types of hand sanitizer to reduce the risk to Person getting covid by the staff and residents. Every time Arthur visited Person (3x a week) he always used sanitizer to wipe off the door knobs because the staff does not wash their hands, after they take people to the bathroom, do not wear gloves and the housekeepers use the same gloves for every room when they empty the residents trash cans and clean their toilets. Since August 2022, when blumers banned Arthur from being in Person’s room, he has not been able to clean Person’s door knobs. On October 6 2022, Person had covid, along with most of manatawny manor.

88. Because Person has been refused by blumer, logie and jaskowiak to have a phone in Person’s room since Person was forced to be at the nursing home against Person’s will and Person does not have their phone numbers, Person cannot call them when there is a problem. Since August 2022, when blumers banned all phone calls to and from Arthur, Person is basically not able to speak to anyone and is in daily silence. 8th amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Why are blumers denying 97 year old Person the right to talk to  Arthur and anyone else?

89.  Logie had stated people must wait 24-48 hours before he will return their calls and does not call people back on the weekends. Since May 15 2022 when blumers were hired, they also can not return calls or emails because Person does not have a phone in the room. Why? How can Person call them if Person does not have a phone in the room?  

90. When Person was kidnapped to be at Relative’s house on August 25 2021 for 12 days, Relative had refused to let Person use the phone to call Arthur or allowed Person to see Arthur. Why?

91. As of October 1 2022, Person’s shoulder still hurt because Person fell in the room because of a newly waxed floor in June 2022.  

92. On June 17 2022, I noticed Person did not have a bed sheet on top of the fitted sheet at manatawny manor. There was only had a thin quilt like blanket. I have       found several much, much nicer and cheaper places for Person to live, but, blumers, jaskowiak and fenstermacher have refused to move Person. Why?

93. Since October 2021, Arthur saw Person’s bedspreads was tattered and torn. It has not been replaced. Towels in the bathroom are not replaced sometimes for weeks.

94. Since May 2022, there is a growing threat of Monkey Pox which can be easily transmitted to people. Covid is coming back again and spreads easily to people in closed places. Why do blumers and jaskowiak keep Person in a place that is flooded with diseases and unsanitary conditions when the ledakis report #1 said Person had no problem living at home?

95. Almost none of the staff at MM wear masks. The few that do, wear only the blue masks are only used to stop blood drops from being inhaled during surgery. The blue masks only cost about 10 cents each and are made in China. The staff do not wear the N95 masks which are the only ones that prevent the spread of covid. The N95 costs about $3 each.

96. Person’s only exercise at MM is walking about 35 feet from the room to meals at the TV room and back to room where Person either lays in bed taking a nap, sleeping at night or sitting (almost reclining) in a chair. Since September 1 2022, Arthur has noticed Person does not walk as well as she used to. It takes her more time to be steady to walk because she does not get any exercise. How can blumers call themselves guardians and jaskowiak claim he cares about Person as his client?

97. About May 2020, fenstermacher sent Person a letter that Arthur was lying to Person about relative wanting to sell Person’s house, junk Person’s possessions and put Person into a nursing home. Fenstermacher claimed relative did not have the ability to do so. One year later, 2 days after Person’s 96 birthday, relative filed the guardian petition against Person. Relative’s law firm is down the hall from fenstermacher’s office.

98. By October 1 2022 of being guardian, blumers still have deb klock on as “care manager” for Person, but did not know about klock’s history of corruption until Arthur’s lawyer told blumer about klock’s history. Arthur has never met klock and has never been told what klock does or has done for Person.

99. On September 30 2022, at a lunch meeting with my lawyer and blumers, Mr. blumer told me that everyone thinks I wear a “black hat” because I cause so much trouble according to them and other people. The fact is, I have been exposing the scam on Person and Person’s money because of those people, including blumers. He also said for me to pick one item from Person’s house and take it to the place to make Person happy.

The fact is, THEY have been denying Person right be happy by denying Person the right to stay at home as the first made up ledakis “evaluation” said Person should stay at home, instead of being in the one room pig pen, locked in the mental section and not allowed to leave for any reason to go outside, around town or go to restaurants since October 18 2021. Pam blummer admitted in court about October 1 2022 she has only seen Person about 4 or so times in 5 months and still had not taken Person to any of the doctor’s appointments that are now 15 months overdue as of October 1 2022. During lunch, bill blumer said I was the “fucking problem”.

100. Person only has a short term/instant memory issue, she is NOT a mental case.

         Person still acts normal in MM and is not under any medication for any mental or anger problems. Person still does not get any special services as of Novemeber 1 2022 to help dress, hygiene, eat, etc. WHY is Person still at MM when weilheimer, jaskowiak, logie, zabowski, camp, blumer and Relative saw the first ledakis report (June 2021) that said Person could stay at home. People should feel sorry for those people with memory issues, NOT treat them as their property so they grab their money.

101. According to my lawyer, in a zoom call, about April 2022, with the lawyers and weilheimer, jaskowiak said he met Person at MM and Person said Person liked the room, food and some of the people, so jaskowiak is saying Person knows what Person wants and likes.

102. About the same date, because Person did not have a phone to call guardians or jaskowiak to tell them Person wants to go home, Arthur and Person decided to have Person write a letter to weilheimer and tell her Person wants to go home, have a new lawyer, wants a phone in the room and Arthur to live at the home. Arthur mailed the letter. Weilheimer and ledakis claimed Peron probably did not write the letter, even though ledakis could have asked Person to rewrite the letter to prove Person wrote it. So, if jaskowiak is claiming Person knew what Person wanted then, then he must accept Person knew what Person wanted in the letter to weilheimer.  his meeting with Person

103. On May 15, 2022, MM was closed down for 2 weeks because of a major influenza outbreak. Arthur was not allowed to be with Person for 2 weeks.

104. I cannot give Person various things for Person’s pleasure because they have been stolen, like a phone I bought Person when Person first went to MM and 8 bags of presents that I bought left with the receptionist but never got to Person. I have given Person almost 1,000 various types of photos: house, possessions, trips Person was on, etc, to help Person be happy. For Christmas I brought a small Christmas tree and decorations to make Person happy.

105. A guardian is supposed to protect lives and property. NONE of those blood suckers assigned to Person have done anything to protect life, health, memory, finances and happiness. All they want from Person and others under their control is their money.

106. Person and all people under guardianship have less rights than a prisoner and are treated as if those people did commit crimes.

107. Weilheimer signed a court order back in September 2021 BANNING me from telling anyone about Person. She claimed it would violate Person’s privacy, even though Person said I could. Weilheimer is clearly trying to protect the scam on Person from being exposed, led by weilheimer and the people who have been assigned to Person.

108. On September 20 2022, blumers filed a petition to only allow me 2 visits a month, instead of 12 a month because they claim the staff says I make Person “agitated” when I used to call Person on the phone and when I see Person because logie and now blumers have told the staff at MM to spy on Person and me by listening at the door, listening through the intercom in Person’s room and listening in on the phone when I used to be allowed to call Person 2x a day. Jaskowiak wants me banned from all visits.

109.  As of November 1 2022, Person has not been allowed to go to any of her doctor’s appointments for a year, has not been allowed outside or anyplace for a year, not allowed a phone in room by jaskowiak, Persons’s guardians blumers (formally logie) and Relative to Person

110. October 3 2022, a hearing about jaskowiaks contempt hearing on me because I had not paid the full fine from back in December 2021 when I was revealing the scam on Person on my news website and on the radio shows. Court and jaskowiak violated my rights of freedom of speech and press. Weilheimer found me guilty, no jail. I had signed a letter saying when Person dies, he will be paid then. Pam blumer stated I was causing Person to be upset. Her husband was there. Jaskowiak was there, relative was there and camp was there. Weilheimer also evicted me from Person’s house in 45 days. She made a lot of shitty insults about me. Fenstermacher (Person’s guardian of estate since May 2022) was there, wanted house sold and said he has NOT seen or talked to Person for over a year. How can he sell Person’s house, trash all of the antiques and possessions, but NOT talk to his client about what Person want’s?